Blog blog blog blog. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. I've always loved the lorem ipsum for its utility in filling a space with nonsense. As a student, I feel equally capable as that word-filler. Most of what I do is fill space. My undergraduate degree trained me to take a small idea and stretch it to the bounds of reason. My graduate degree is training me to take a huge idea and cut it down to the bare minimum (paradoxically, while also eschewing contractions).  This means word maximums instead of page minimums, and damn if it is not significantly more difficult.

Somewhere between my degrees I happened upon a book called Several Short Sentences About Writing. It changed my brain. (And my review is the top one. Just saying.) The author rails against that academic textual inflation habit that is so easy indulge, while promoting a technique for reading your world and figuring out what your sentences are saying. I credit it entirely with my shift from writing like a Lorem ipsum into writing like a… well, like a human, I suppose.

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