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Read: “The enduring allure of retro tech”

The enduring allure of retro tech by Sophie Haigney (Vox)

In the era of disposability, some cling tightly to Walkmen, DVDs, and our fading love of stuff.

I have been screaming this for a while now. Physical media is coming back. Plus, when all the streaming services are splintered and ad-sodden and prohibitively-priced, only I and my two non-consecutive seasons of Scrubs on DVD will be the one laughing.

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Vinyl turntable, headphones, and laptop.

Read: “How to organize and revisit your ‘leftover’ music projects”

How to organize and revisit your ‘leftover’ music projects – Blog | Splice by Max RewakMax Rewak

The more I tinker with music, the more unfinished “songs” I accumulate. As with many creative endeavors, having an organization mindset from the get-go is a huge help later. File structures aren’t the sexiest things, but if you don’t have to fight against your system, you get to spend more time actually making music.

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