Month: August 2020

The Bird of Passage

Here we go again! Today I was fortunate to guest on the spectacular D&D talk show, The Dungeon with Andrew & Harlan. During said show, Andrew mentioned one of my favorite projects that I’ve sadly let wilt away: The Bird of Passage. The BoP was (and, I guess, is) a short-form zine of spectacular adventure, foofaraw, stuff and nonsense that I’d hoped to turn into a quarterly affair. Time passed, and it fell by the wayside in favor of other projects like “baby” and “Ohio,” but the fact that it stuck around for someone other than me has been neat, so maybe I’ll give it another go.

At the very least, I’ll get issues one and two printed and done! So for the time being, take a look: THE BIRD OF PASSAGE!

The parchment cracks and sheds as you unroll and flatten it on the sitting-room table. Every edition has an air of antiquity about it. THE BIRD OF PASSAGE, volume unknown, issue unknown. Print run of two, or perhaps two hundred thousand. This one arrived today, rolled tightly and slipped into your daypack at some point during your morning errands. Who delivered it? Don’t ask stupid questions.

Hell yeah. Hell yeah! Bird of Passage forever.

Next: In The Vast Forest! It was an adventure and now it is a music. Stay tuned.