Month: April 2021

ACRL-DOLS 2021 Virtual Poster: Jammin’ With Jamboard

When I started this vanity domain, I did it under the pretense that I would need a professional presence as an academic librarian. I’ve had a few publications and presentations since then, but never managed to get them on here. Well, friends, this all changes today!

I currently have a virtual poster in the ACRL 2021 Distance and Online Learning Virtual Poster Session coauthored with Hector Escobar, Director of Education & Information Delivery for the University of Dayton Libraries (also my direct supervisor!) This was a great example of just presenting on what we’re doing. It’s not the most important scholarship being done in the world by any stretch, but I’m still very happy with how our “poster” turned out, and we provide some practical tools and techniques in a discipline that can be a little heavy-handed with theory. View our poster below, then visit the DOLS page to leave a nice comment for us!