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Community Medicine: Cementing


For the past couple years, I’ve been experimenting with electronic music production. Synthesizers and software, bleeps and bloops, harsh noise and chiptunes: I’ve kind of dabbled in all of it, and maybe spent a little too much money in the process. Every once in a while, I get the nerve up to hit record, and anything that makes it to YouTube or Bandcamp gets stamped with my “Community Medicine” moniker. Why Community Medicine? I like the sound of it, I guess, and most of the tracks are inspired by some aspect of the healthcare system and my work and experience within. This one, for instance, is of a part with another, noisier track called “Curette” (both of which can be found on Bandcamp!) and are in reference to my recent tibia surgeries. FUN, UPLIFTING STUFF! In the new year, I expect to play around a lot more with generating “finished” pieces of music, be they songs, explorations, or just unstructured jams.