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Let’s try this again: vanity domain part two, but on the decentralization kick. Today I took a leap and made some major changes to how I interface with the web, and this is the first visible part of it. Lately, I’ve been dissatisfied with the nature of the one-size-fits-none web, exemplified by whatever Facebook is today. A social content stream slash photo gallery slash misinformation machine slash offensive memes from people I haven’t spoken to since high school portal: this is not appealing, and I’m stupefied that it’s taken me so long to seek out alternatives.

Colinda Cabanas, Caye Caulker, Belize, 2015
Go to your happy place…” – Me, every time I visit Facebook

Instead of partaking in the “all things to all people” scene, I’m making a drastic switch to a “one thing for one person” model, and that person is me, baby! I like parts of the on-line experience, and lord knows anyone involved in academia and/or librarianship needs to constantly chase the vanguard. I also like to think I’m doing a few cool things every now and again and want to put them somewhere. I’ve got that damned attention-seeking streak, after all. So this is it: my warehouse. This is where I’ll keep things, for the most part, and y’all can just come to me to get them.

Of course, I don’t expect you or any hypothetical reader to subscribe to the jasonwardell.com RSS or set this silly site up alongside your bookmarks for whatever it is you read regularly. The aforementioned “drastic switch” is a choice I’m making, not one I’m foisting upon anyone else. The stuff I put here should reach out into the rest of the internet, but the content will be here, not scattered across whatever platforms du jour I’m enduring. Again, for the most part. It doesn’t make sense for me to host video or music here, for instance, even with my meager output. I’m going to learn as I go, though, and try to have fun with it. That can be something I document here, too.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now. More soon. Hugs and kisses.